Italian Reloaded is a special project that aims to strengthen knowledge of the Italian language through cinematic and audiovisual input.


  • Learn and practise Italian through the language of cinema

  • Get acquainted with contemporary spoken language

  • Explore and expand your vocabulary

  • Have fun while brushing up your grammar

  • Improve your speaking skills
  • Delve inside the Italian mindset
  • Go behind the scenes


Beginner and Elementary levels* 

Themes for students with just a basic knowledge of Italian will include family and society relationships, daily life aspects and the way they are represented in films.


Intermediate level*


Themes for students with a working knowledge of Italian will focus on the professionals working behind the scenes (screenwriters, set designers, costume designers, cinematographers, sound engineers, actors and directors) and the aspects they deal with.


By the end of the course students will have widened both their physical and emotional descriptive skills, making communication more meaningful.


Check our "When and where" page to find out our courses calendar.

* If you are unsure about your entry level, please go to Contacts and ask for the evaluation test.

The new double-bill learning experience!

Lessons and courses to revise and boost your knowledge of Italian, while immersing yourself in La dolce Vita and appreciating The Great Beauty of the language

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