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Please find here some interviews recorded by Katuscia* for Fred Film Radio, at Manchester Metropolitan University during last FLAME conference, on the 25th and 26th of June 2015, about using film and media in the language classroom. Some great language teachers talked with us about their experiences.


The short video "Mind the Education" is our homage to FLAME speakers and organizers (especially Dr Carmen Herrero and Isabelle Vanderschelden).
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* Yes, please forgive her: radio interviews were her ultimate attempt to practise English as a foreign language. 

Interview with Dr Kieran Donaghy

at FLAME conference 2015

Dr Kieran Donaghy has a MA in TEFL and Business Communication. He has focused his career in creating resources for the use of film in the classroom, which he shares through his blog:
film-english.com. In 2013, Film-English obtained the ELtons Award (sponsored by the British Council and Cambridge ESOL) for Innovation in Teacher Resources and a Medea Award (sponsored by the European Lifelong Learning Programme) for the User-Generated content.

Kieran is the founder of "The Image Conference" which focuses on the use of film, video, images and gaming for English teaching.

In this interview we talk about using film to teach in a world of screens.


Read the interview here 
or listen to the podcast on Fred fm 

Film in Action (Delta Publishing, 2015) is the latest book by Dr Kieran Donaghy.



Interview with Dr Brian Tomlinson

at FLAME conference 2015

Dr Brian Tomlinson is one of the world's leading experts in teacher training and material development and design, areas where he has published several books and chapters. He is founder and president of MATSDA, the International Materials Development Association.

In this interview he makes a of developing intercultural awareness through reflected experience of films and other visual media.


Read the interview here 
or listen to the podcast on Fred fm 



Developing Materials for Language Teaching (Bloomsbury, 2013) is the latest publication edited by Brian Tomlinson.



Interview with Dr Patrick Zabalbeascoa

at FLAME conference 2015


Dr Zabalbeascoa is a principal Lecturer in Translation Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. He is an expert in translation theory, didactics of translation and audiovisual screen translation, mostly from English into Spanish and Catalan.

Dr Zabalbeascoa reflects on key pedagogical concepts and terms designed for a multilingual, multimodal, foreign language learning platform such
as Clipflair. The main topics of this interview are about
audiovisual literacy, audiovisual richness and audiovisual skills


Listen to the podcast on Fred fm


Listen also to the interview with Dr Noa Talaván and Dr Jennifer Lertola about
how to enable foreign language learning through interactive revoicing and captioning of clips with Clipflair.

Interview with Dr Matteo Broggini
at FLAME conference 2015


Dr Matteo Broggini works as an Italian teacher at Centro di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri in Milan, where he is also director of studies and teacher trainer. He talks to us about DCF (in Italian, acronym of "Didattizzazione di un film completo"), an experimental project that enables teachers to turn full-length movies into complete language courses by treating them as tv series.

Listen to the podcast on FRED fm

Interview with Dr Ilaria Brancatelli
at FLAME conference 2015


Dr Ilaria Brancatelli gained a BA/MA Social and Political/Historical Sciences at the University of Turin. She is specialized in the engagement in Social Science research with focus on Ethnography, Ethnographic research emanating mainly from psychological, sociological and anthropological perspectives and Linguistics and cultural studies.

She talks about the effectiveness of using film and media to accelerate the language learning process, with particular focus on learning styles and inclusive learning. Accelerated learning, as a concept, is synonymous with a more efficient and enjoyable learning experience. The matching of the way learners are taught to the way they prefer to learn is the essence of the driving force that seeks to identify a personalized learning style. Dr Brancatelli's research explores the possibility that the use of film and media offers a range of valuable tools to facilitating and enhancing such more natural and satisfying learning outcomes.


Listen to the podcast on Fred fm

And last, but not least, the two interviews (podcasts on Fred fm) with
Dr Isabelle Vanderschelden and Dr Carmen Herrero, directors and organizers of FLAME at Manchester Metropolitan University.


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